Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Collaborative Piano Forums Start July 21: Leave a Comment With Questions for the Forum

Starting on June 23rd July 21 I'll be starting Collaborative Piano Forums 08, a new series here on the Collaborative Piano Blog about aspects of the art and business of collaborative piano. Here's the catch: the series will be an ongoing discussion-each posting will consist of questions and issues which are open to the community to discuss at length in the post's comment section. Some of the subjects will deal with matters of repertoire, career paths, goals, freelancing and highlights/lowlights of the CP/Accompanying life.

The big question for everyone is:

What questions do you have for the Collaborative Piano Blog community about life in the collaborative arts?

Leave a comment below if you have a question for the forum. I will be collecting all the queries at the end of the week in mid-July, which will then appear over the course of the next few weeks after that. Let the discussion begin!

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