Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Degree and Diploma Programs in Piano Pedagogy

Here is a listing of universities, colleges, and conservatories that offer degrees, concentrations, tracks, diplomas, and certificates in piano pedagogy. As in the case of my list of Degree Programs in Collaborative Piano, this list is also not complete, since piano pedagogy is a growing field with an ever-increasing nuumber of programs available, only some of which have proper web documentation. If you have any schools to add (which will be constantly updated as new information comes in), feel free to either post a comment or email me.

University of Adelaide
Arizona State University
Baylor University
Belhaven College
Belmont University
Bob Jones University
Butler University
California State University-Northridge
Cambellsville University
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory (The Achievement Program)
The Catholic University of America
Cedarville University 
The University of Colorado at Boulder
Columbus State University
Converse College
East Carolina university
Florida State University
George Mason University
Hood College
University of Houston
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Indiana State University
University of Iowa
Kansas State University
University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Louisiana State University
Malone College
Maranatha Baptist Bible College
Marylhurst University
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Meredith College
University of Miami
University of Michigan
Michigan State University
University of Missouri-Columbia
Mount Royal College
University of Nebraska-Kearney
Northland Baptist Bible College
University of North Florida
University of Northern Iowa
Northern Kentucky University
University of North Texas
Northwestern University
Ohio University
Ohio State University
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City University
University of Oregon
University of Ottawa
Penn State University
Pensacola Christian College
La Positas College
The Royal Conservatory of Music (through RCM Examinations)
The College of St. Catherine
Saint Cloud State University
University of St. Thomas
San Diego State University
Muzička Academija Sarajevo
University of South Carolina
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
University of Southern Maine
Southern Methodist University
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Temple University
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University
University of Texas at San Antonio
University of Toronto
Utah State University
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
University of West Georgia
Westminster Choir College
Weber State University
Wheaton College
University of Wisconsin-Madison

I have once again not added links to these schools, given that the web documentation for these programs ranges from excellent to unloadable. As a believer in due diligence, especially regarding one's education, I would rather have this list as a starting point for the further exploration of programs. A full list of things to consider when choosing a program will include:

  • Finding the right teacher
  • Finding a good school
  • Educational philosophy
  • Curriculum
  • Financial aid
  • Track record of graduates


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's NL offers an M.Mus in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.

  2. They do indeed. Memorial has been added--thanks.

  3. Weber State in Ogden, Utah as well as The University of Miami. It would be interesting to see what programs these universities offer such as Bachelors, Masters, and or DMA.

  4. Thanks, Brandon. The U of Miami and Weber State have been added. Miami was already on the collaborative piano degree program list.

  5. Anonymous12:14 AM

    thanks for this list! very helpful. i believe Univ. Tenn-Knoxville also has as graduate pedagogy program.

  6. Anonymous7:02 PM

    The University of Iowa offers both MA and DMA in Piano Performance and Pedagogy

  7. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Never mind... I'm blind... sorry about that.

  8. The University of Miami has cancelled their dual Piano Performance and Pedagogy. You now can only get a degree in performance or pedagogy.

  9. Thanks for the update, Brandon.

  10. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Are there any doctoral piano pedagogy degree programs that do not require the GRE exam as an emphasis for admittance?

  11. That depends from school to school. I was lucky enough to go to Eastman, which didn't require the GRE when I applied in the late 80's. Check the application requirements for each school to determine if you will or won't need to take the exam.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. The program at Michigan State is supposed to be spectacular. They've got top-notch applied teachers to study with, plus Derek Polischuk, who runs the program, is supposed to be awesome. Seems like their grads are in pretty good places...

  14. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Valley City State University has
    an online Piano Pedagogy Class. It
    is very good. It is for 2 semesters--3 credits each. The
    class is taught by Beth Gegante
    Klingenstein. She is a well-known
    writer for many music magazines and
    has authored some books. Valley
    City is in North Dakota. Valley
    is going to offer a music degree
    online. My daughter has taken the
    classes. The classes are not a
    pushover, so do not take them if
    you just what the credits. Be
    expected to work. The teachers
    put a lot of work into the classes
    and they are better than being there!

    1. Great info! Thank you for sharing, sounds like the kind of program that would adapt to my needs at this point!

  15. Anonymous6:22 PM

    hi, great list! to add, University of Texas at San Antonio has a Graduate Certificate in Keyboard Pedagogy, and Texas Christian University has the joint DMA performance/pedagogy. Thanks!

  16. Another to add: Central Michigan University (in Michigan) offers a Masters degree in Piano Pedagogy.

  17. Thank you so much, I've been looking for something just like this everywhere! Another to add to the list is Utah State University. I've heard the department is really fantastic.

  18. Thanks Mille - the post has been updated.

  19. Anonymous2:52 PM

    The Master's College has a BM in Performance with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy

    Cedarville University has a BM in Keyboard Pedagogy

  20. University of North Florida offers a new bachelor's degree in Piano Pedagogy.

  21. Thanks Erin - I added it to the list.

  22. Anonymous10:06 PM

    University of Northern Iowa's School of Music in Cedar Falls offers a MM in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. Thanks for organizing this valuable information!

  23. Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY, offers the Certificate in Piano Pedagogy and the Bachelor of Music with Piano Pedagogy Emphasis degree. The website is:

  24. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Are any of these schools in the silicon valley? Or close to? Thanks, Iliana

  25. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio offers a BM in Music Performance focused in Keyboard Pedagogy, as well as a MM in Performance, also focused in Piano Pedagogy.

  26. University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg, MO). We offer BM - Pedagogy as well as a MA - Pedagogy. (We also offer degrees in Piano Performance, MusEd, and Technology)

    (Shout out from another ESM alum, Mia (Kim) Hynes '96)

  27. Anonymous9:38 AM

    peabody institute provides performance/pedagogy track (pedagogy concentration) for MM students.

  28. Christopher Hahn1:43 AM

    Hi Chris! Great to have this list. Please add the University of Montana, with a BM in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. Thanks!

  29. Pls include St. Paul University Manila . I started the M.M. in Piano Pedagogy program there in 2008.

    (Hello Mia, say hi to John we were at Eastman together and taught Class Piano) Jonathan Arevalo Coo, ESM '98 '99

  30. Hi Chris, pls include St Paul University Manila

    We do offer MM in Piano Pedagogy


    Jonathan Arevalo Coo, Eastman alum '98 '99

  31. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Is there an online piano pedagogy program?

  32. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I would love to see a ranked list, or even just a short list of schools that are highly regarded. I'm having trouble trying to determine where to go, especially as a Canadian considering graduate programs in the USA.

    1. Here's a list of the top music schools in the US:

      If someone were to offer me a tidy sum and full travel expenses, I would be glad to put together a project that ranks Piano Pedagogy and Collaborative Piano programs from top to bottom. But given the massive amount of work putting together and implementing such a project without bias, it's not going to happen any time soon.

  33. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Saint Cloud State University has canceled their masters/doctorate programs in music.

    Also, Denver University has a graduate piano pedagogy program.

  34. Thanks for the list! Cedarville University in Ohio has an undergraduate piano pedagogy program.

    1. Thanks Melody! I'll add it to the list.

  35. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has not only an excellent piano pedagogy (bachelor's and master's) program, but they are very generous with assistantships.

  36. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Does University of Texas at San Antonio has piano pedagogy program? I couldn't find it on their website. University of Texas- Tyler, Stephen F. Austin, and Tarleton State have the program too.

  37. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Does University of Texas at San Antonio has it? I could not find it online. But Tarleton State University, University of Texas at Tyler, and Stephen F. Austin have it too.

  38. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Shorter University (Rome, GA) has an outstanding undergraduate Piano Pedagogy program which you can double with Piano Performance if desired.

  39. I realize this post is nearly 10 years old, but I'm finding it extremely helpful in my search for programs. The University of Louisville also has a great ped program.

  40. Anonymous4:41 PM

    University of Idaho has it, too. It's small and not so rich school but there is a pedagogy program with TA.

  41. University of Minnesota Duluth has both a Collaborative Piano and Piano Performance track.

  42. I think University of North Carolina in Greensboro has a program in Piano Pedagogy

    1. Holly, I checked the UNC Greensboro website but there doesn't seem to be a mention of any Piano Pedagogy program there as of yet.

  43. Did you add University of Greensboro to your list? I think they have a piano pedagogy program the undergraduate level

  44. Yianni Iliadis10:42 AM

    Update/correction on the current status of University of Miami: a newly revised dual degree (performance and pedagogy) have been available there for MM, DMA, (and for Cognate) since 2011. Also, GRE is no longer required for these degrees at the University of Miami.