Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Lang Lang Adidas Shoe

As first mentioned by Opera Chic and Jessica Duchen, Adidas has just come out with a trademark Lang Lang shoe. From the press release:
The successful adidas Originals iconic model Gazelle was first released in 1968 as an athletic training shoe. The highly elegant black and golden Lang Lang special edition includes the Lang Lang name in Chinese at the heels as well as a silhouette of the pianist in typical concert pose. Moreover the inside of the sneaker links to Lang Lang’s music in having golden piano pedals printed on the sock liners.

Typical concert pose? (see left) I wasn't aware that piano playing was about striking poses, but will take it under consideration. I like the golden pedal idea--I'll need to talk to my technician about having them installed.

Some questions I have regarding the newfound practice of pianist-branded footwear:
  • Are they optimized for flutter pedalling?
  • Will they become popular among pianists?
  • Will they be seen on stage by aspiring pianists?
  • Do they come in size 15? I have large feet!
And above all, will other pianists follow Lang Lang's lead? It's not hard to imagine a world with other types of these shoes (ie. an Andreas Schiff Cole-Haan oxford, or the Nike Air Brendel.)

Wearing this ill footwear, Lang Lang should perhaps consider writing a piano transcription of the king of footwear songs, Run DMZ's My Adidas...


  1. Opens up a whole new area of corporate branding in the Arts World...orchestral musicians could start wearing Nike bandanas, a la French Open: the possibilities are endless!!

  2. Andrew11:38 AM

    Who knows, if musicians could get the kind of deals athletes get, our world may be in for a big change!

    Now if we could ge the respect and admiration athletes get too, we'd be doing really good! I have a fantasy where an orchestra nails a tough part and the audience gets up and screams, just like in a football game - awesome!