Saturday, January 14, 2006

New site from the Canadian Arts Coalition

The Canadian Arts Coalition has just launched their Vote Arts 2006 site, including information this issue is important, resources, responses from the parties, and information on how to contact candidates. This quote says it very well:

Vote Arts 2006 represents a broad range of arts organizations from every province and territory. We believe a significant increase in federal funding for the arts through the Canada Council for the Arts is essential to Canada's future. The arts transform us emotionally and spiritually and greatly enhance the quality of our lives. Culture is recognized by governments as one of the four pillars required to build sustainable, prosperous cities and communities, alongside the other imperatives of social programs, environmental stewardship and economic growth.

Ensuring the viability of Canada's artists, arts and cultural organizations is as vital as the strategic investments that are made to support the public infrastructure within our communities. As we invest in the infrastructure to build our communities and cities, we need to invest equally in the arts-the viability of cities in the future will depend greatly on their cultural opportunities.

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