Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bathroom Divas Episode 2 Recap

After the national auditions tour of the series premiere, the six finalists converged on Toronto to attend Opera Boot Camp while sharing a spacious house. The six are Sonja Anderson, Sergio Restagno, Sonja Gustafson, Elton Lammie, Emili Losier, and Gail Malcolm.

The episode showed the six going through their arias in coachings with Mary Lou Fallis, Michael McMahon, Tom Diamond, and Gary Relyea. They also had a movement session given by choreographer Carol Anderson.

Prior to the vote-off, they took a trip to Malabar Costumes and explored with a great deal of fun their arias in full regalia. Back at the house, there was also a birthday celebration for Sonja Gustafson.

The next day, the vote-off (held at Bravo! studios in Toronto) was the first true test of what they could deliver after the intense coachings of the previous days. With Brahm Goldhamer at the piano, they performed their arias for the four coaches, as well as guest judges Measha Brueggergosman and Theodore Baerg. At the end of the day, it was Gail Malcolm who was voted off the show, leaving Sonja, Sonia, Sergio, Elton, and Emily.

Bathroom Divas airs on the Bravo! Network in Canada.

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