Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Democratic Party on the Arts

Yet more Canadian election arts info...

The New Democratic Party, in a press release issued today, mentioned their support for the Canada Council, as well as film and television. NDP leader Jack Layton stated that:

New Democrats have always been strong supporters of public broadcasting, of film and television, of the arts, and above all, of artists. Our plan is about focused, targeted steps to support creative people and to make sure Canadians see themselves in our culture.

The press release goes on to list some priorities totalling over $600 million to the arts sector:

-Introducing fair tax treatment for artists through tax averaging and exemption of the first $30,000 copyright and certain royalty income.
-Providing increased funding for the Canada Council for the support of artists.
-Directing the CRTC to require clear, binding, monitored and enforced performance standards for broadcasters, including a significant increase in the production and broadcast of Canadian drama.
-Ensuring that Canadian television networks remain Canadian owned.
-Providing sustained funding for the Canadian Television Fund and Telefilm Canada. -Enhancing federal film incentives to encourage film and television production and working with film distributors on a strategy to increase distribution of Canadian films.

Other parties on the arts:

Liberal Party
Green Party
Conservative Party--platform still pending as of 01/12/06

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