Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Collaborative Piano Studies at Bellarmine University

The Department of Music at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky offers a specialized Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying. The philosophy behind the pedagogy/accompanying split:
The philosophy of our Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying Program is to provide an environment in which students can take responsibility for their own musicianship. You will have plenty of opportunities to develop your solo playing skills, but the focus of this degree program is to develop your skills in pedagogy and accompanying. We mentor students and give guidance while holding them accountable for understanding the proper work ethic needed for optimum success. Successful completion of this degree will lead to career opportunities as private teachers and accompanists, and to entrance into graduate school.
The Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying Program also has several goals for the undergraduate students enrolled in the program:
  • Students should be prepared for a career in music, graduate study or teacher certification in music.
  • Students should develop an understanding of music history and theory.
  • Students should develop the ability to perform in various genres.
  • Students should develop skills in pedagogy.
  • Students should develop skills in accompanying.
  • Students should develop skills in basic music technology, including basic digital manipulation and recording/editing techniques.
  • Students should develop an understanding of historical and theoretical aspects of performance and in turn seek answers to questions such as: Why do we do what we do? How does the music reflect and understanding of society and of ourselves?
For more information on the program and a detailed curriculum for the degree, go to the Piano Pedagogy/Accompanying page.

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