Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canadian Music Centre's Song Repertoire Listings Available as Free Download

As part of a continuing initiative to make Canadian music more accessible (and get it performed!), the Canadian Music Centre has made available a spreadsheet of its complete Canadian art song repertoire listings, which I am offering as a free download on my teaching site. The spreadsheet can be viewed with Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and Open Office, as well as a number of other programs.

These listings include songs by a vast number of Canadian composers, including:
  • Chan Ka Nin
  • Robert Fleming
  • Harry Freedman
  • Violet Archer
  • Jean Coulthard
  • Stephen Chatman
  • Paul McIntyre
  • John Beckwith
  • Barbara Pentland
  • Harry Somers
  • Ben Steinberg
  • Mary Gardiner
  • Larysa Kuzmenko
Once you've downloaded the spreadsheet, each of the entries contains the correct call number for the work so you can easily locate it at the Canadian Music Centre either online or in person, and then borrow the score for free or purchase it through the CMC.

Canadian Music Centre Complete Song Repertoire Spreadsheet

(Thanks, Erika!)

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