Sunday, June 07, 2009

Introducing Artistic Discourse

This weekend, Washington-based arts management grad student Zack Hayhurst launched Artistic Discourse, a blog that looks at the issues facing arts organizations in this time of economic transition. In spite of recent commentary on the difficulties faced by start-up bloggers, it's refreshing to see new arts blogs popping up (such as this one) at a time when support for traditional media is perceived to be on the wane. 

From Zack's inaugural post:

The way we as a society communicate and share information today is significantly different than even just ten years ago...Newspapers are failing, the major networks are re-structuring, and statistics show that more and more people are turning to blogs and other various online media sites to get information. The days of old-fashioned marketing and print media are coming to an end. How will arts organizations transition successfully and seamlessly as possible into the 21st century way of communicating? This is where we come back to the notion of an identity crisis.

The identity crisis comes in the form of artistic organizations determining how to navigate through a new, seemingly ubiquitous cultural shift that pervades the American and world cultures. That new culture is social networking and online media sites. How will opera companies, symphonies, choral societies, ballet companies, museums, and any other medium of classical art, connect to a new generation of potential art lovers? I believe the answer lies in the realms of cyberspace.

Well said. Best of luck to Zack and Artistic Discourse! Be sure to subscribe to his blog's feed to keep track of upcoming articles.

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