Sunday, June 07, 2009

Beware of Falling Pianos

I ran across these quotes recently from the Piano entry on the Uncyclopedia, a site which you will definitely not want to consult for regular research purposes unless you are concerned about the rare urban phenomenon of falling pianos.

“Man who pushes piano down mineshaft get tone of A flat miner.”

~ Confucious on piano

“Man who drops piano over army base get tone of A flat major.”

~ Confucious on piano again

Falling pianos from a diplomatic perspective:

As reported by UnNews, in late 2007 the United Nations adopted the "falling piano" as hazard warning sign in areas with possibility of piano attacks. There is, however, doubt about the intuitivity (yes, that's a word) of the warning sign; some consider it still too vague or unclear to express the grave danger of such a situation to an unprepared belowstander. Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov has come out strongly against the signs, saying, "If a piano falls on you, then that's that. It's destiny. It's not that God hates you. He actually likes you, which is why he wants your death to be comical."

Here's a YouTube sighting of a genuine piano fall:

(Via oboeinsight)

More airborne pianos on the Collaborative Piano Blog:

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