Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday, In Detail

There are some weeks when I hardly have time to think of interesting post ideas - this is one of them. So here is a quick rundown of my day thus far:

6:15am - Wake up, shave, shower.
6:30 - Make coffee (last of the Sumatra Blue Batak--must replenish supply), check email, blog comments, Twitter and Facebook.
7:05 - Make breakfast for the girls and myself, make sure the sippy cup situation is satisfactory, empty the dishwasher.
8:00 - Get lunch and snacks ready for the girls, clean up kitchen, say bye to Wendy and the girls.
8:30 - Leave for work via the QEW. Listen to CBC Radio 1, as well as Foxxhole and Area on Sirius.
9:17 - Take quick detour to Loblaw's on Lakeshore to buy coffee & snacks, as wel as deposit cheques. Damn. No BMO machine at Loblaw's.
9:50 - Park at Distillery District. Pay metre. Arrive at Tapestry's Ernest Balmer Studio for 10am rehearsal. Coffee brewing courtesy of excellent stage management. Grand piano has been temporarily replaced by upright so Dancemakers next door can use the instrument for their show this weekend.
10:00 - Second staging rehearsal of One Lump or Two? by Glenn James and Sandy Pool. Present: Peter McGillivray, Krisztina Szabo, Sally Dibblee, Keith Klassen, Scott Balluz, Wayne Strongman conducting, Tom Diamond directing, myself at the piano, all presided over by Isolde Pleasants-Faulkner (stage manager) and Kieran Keller (ASM).
11:30 or thereabouts - Oh no! The leftover cake from Artistic Administrator Susan Worthington's birthday party is brought in for the break. Much consumption of said cake, with a small amount still remaining unconsumed when staging resumes.
2:00pm - Lunch! Brisk walk to St. Lawrence Market, where I devour legendary veal and eggplant sandwich from Mustachio's while reading latest issue of Eye. Brisk walk back to Distillery District.
3:00 - Initial staging rehearsal of Sally's scenes from The Perfect Screw by Abigail Richardson and Alexis Diamond. (The Perfect Screw looks at the cross-border competition between the inventors of the Robertson and Philips screwdrivers)
4:00 - Initial staging rehearsal of William Rowson and Taylor Graham's The Virgin Charlie with Krisztina and Scott on stage. (The Virgin Charlie is about a drag queen that discovers he is pregnant, with holy child...)
7:00 - Released. Light traffic on QEW heading home. Listen to CBC Radio 1.
7:35 - In Oakville, deposit cheques at BMO location near home.
7:45 - Arrive home, say hello to Wendy and the girls, have a quick dinner, say goodnight to girls.
8:15 - Frantic but productive emailing/phoning session to organize studio for the next few days, as well as confirm repertoire with substitute at the RCM for Saturday.
8:30 - At a loss for blog posting, then have idea..

Those of you familiar with traffic in the GTA might be slightly amazed at the respectable time it took to drive from the Distllery in downtown Toronto to north Oakville. Such a feat does not happen regularly, but is welcome nonetheless. For more information on Opera To Go, just click on the mysterious red takeaway container on the sidebar...

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