Friday, March 06, 2009

Piano-playing Dog

Observe the confidence with which this dog leaps upon the piano and confidently sings and plays. Any idea on what rep this dog might be preparing? 

(Via Dr. B)

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  1. This is one talented dog!!
    As far as rep goes, the tone clusters are remeniscent of Stockhausen, although the glissandi in the vocal line suggest Ligeti!?
    Hey, I think I've heard this dog before here in town...check out Honky-Tonk Dog on Urban Flute and see what you think...

  2. Wow! And our family thought our dogs were weird with their obsession with instruments. Very impressive of Fido to play and sing at the same time.

    My students have been on my case to post videos on youtube of my dog showing off his talents on the bongo drums and singing scales. My parents dog loves to play piano duets with us.

    I suppose I should get on that - one of these days.