Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steinway Square Piano from 1877

1877 Steinway SquareIt's rare. It's square. And this 1877 Steinway was one of the few made from marble rosewood.

(Via ronvintagepiano's photostream on Flickr--you can check out Ron's website here)


  1. Sweet piano! And funny connection about the 1877 reference...yesterday I was just reading from a wonderful old book, The Royal Edition of Songs of Scotland (Boosey & Co.)that a friend recently lent to me, and happened to notice that it was published in...1877!
    Too bad Ron's is in Colorado, otherwise I'd drop in and pay a visit!

  2. Chris
    This was a very interesting and rare piano even in it's day. Rosewood is typically a very dark wood with out a lot of variation. Notice on the front corner of this piano that there is big light area. This is what is called "marble rosewood."
    It now is in the home of a music teacher in Fort Collins Colorado.

  3. Thanks for the great comment, Ron! Glad to hear that this rare piano has a happy home.

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