Thursday, January 08, 2009

My First Commercial - For The 2008 Royal Conservatory Piano Syllabus

The new video series for RCM Examinations is now online and I'm glad to say that I am one of the featured teachers on the commercial for the 2008 edition of the Piano Syllabus for RCM Exams, which you can view at one of the following pages:

The videos are best viewed on IE7. My segment (starting at around 1:50) is an overview of the benefits of the new syllabus, as well as an explanation on how to use the tables for the various requirements. This was an entirely new experience for me, as I had never worked with a teleprompter before. All my words were scripted, although I had a small hand in tweaking the final wording of what I had to say.

I also had a the luxury of a hand model for the shots where specific tables in the syllabus needed to be filmed.  Since I was only contracted for one afternoon, my stunt double hand model was filmed separately for these shots. The model (actually an assistant producer) borrowed my shirt for the filming. Those of you who know me will notice that the replacement hand pictured at left is significantly smaller than mine, with a shorter fingers, reduced span, and distinct lack of "pianist's muscle" just below the fifth finger. Nevertheless, I hope you agree with me that the hand captures my gracefulness of motion, attention to detail, and power of persuation while at the piano.

Official Syllabi of The Royal Conservatory of Music: Piano Syllabus, 2008 Edition - sheet music at Official Syllabi of The Royal Conservatory of Music: Piano Syllabus, 2008 Edition 2008 Edition. By RCM Examinations. This edition: 8th. Piano. Official Syllabi of The Royal Conservatory of Music. Level: Preparatory - ARCT. Book. 144 pages. Published by The Frederick Harris Music Company. (S29)
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  1. I actually watched your clip...I think the hand model was fabulous and almost upstaged your performance!

  2. What? Upstaged by an assistant producer?

  3. Hi Chris, I just have this lingering image of you standing aside shirtless waiting for your stunt-double to make their cameo!