Saturday, January 10, 2009

Co-performer/Accompanist Survey

Pianist and teacher Yuriko Kubota is in the midst of gathering data for a course at the University of Sheffield. The survey she has created deals with "the nature of expert accompanists / co-performers while exploring their rehearsal". If you're interested in spending 5-10 minutes answering questions about the nature of your rehearsal process and the preparation for it, head on over to QuestionPro and fill out Yuriko's Co-performer/Accompanist survey.

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  1. I have found this blog, so I feel really happy with your kindness. Thank you for your help! I have had about 95 completed answers from accomppanists with 11 nationalities. The largest number of the participants are American. The answers are very helpful and useful. I will have to submit the abstract in March. If it was acceptted, I will have to submit the full paper in August. If some did not complete it, I will be very happy to hear their opinions even from now until May. Anyway, thank you very much again for your kindness and help.Yours sincerely, Yuriko Kubota