Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Psychic Pianist

A big thanks to Eve for leaving a wonderful comment on the How Do You Choose a Coach/Pianist? posting regarding those intangible qualities which are so important to the ensemble process. I particularly liked these lines:
And finally, someone who really listens! Someone who can sing and play at the same time, who can anticipate. I have worked with a pianist who knew before *I* even knew that I was about to forget the words of the next strophe, just because she felt my concentration change. Someone who breathes with you, who gives you space when you need it, who follows and supports you and who knows what your voice needs and lifts you in performance. (Obviously this process takes time and getting to know each other!) Someone who is actually interested in the text and who uses the piano to communicate just as much as letting you use the voice.
Well said, Eve.

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