Friday, September 05, 2008

The Beaux Arts Trio's Final Concert Is Available on Performance Today

On August 21 at Tanglewood, violinist Daniel Hope, cellist Antonio Meneses and pianist Menachem Pressler played their final concert as the Beaux Arts Trio. American Public Media's Performance Today has links to lots of media resources associated with the final concert, including a podcast of the final performance, a pdf file of the final concert, and Daniel Hope's audio blog of the concert tour.

Over the Beaux Arts' 53-year career, they have had several personnel changes, including the following string players:

Violin: Daniel Guilet, Isidore Cohen, Ida Kavafian, Yung Uck Kim, Daniel Hope
Cello: Bernard Greenhouse, Peter Wiley, Antonion Meneses

However, the group has always featured Menachem Pressler on piano, whose presence became the centerpiece of the trio.

Official Beaux Art Trio website
Wikipedia article on the Beaux Arts Trio
Beaux Arts Trio page on NPR Music
Menachem Pressler's official website

Here is an earlier incarnation of the Beaux Arts Trio playing the first movement of Schubert's Trio in B Flat D. 898:

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