Thursday, July 12, 2007

Introducing b5's The Good Musician

Among the 21 music blogs just launched by b5 media, one of them stands out already as one of the sites I'll be watching. The Good Musician by Arjun Muralidharan already has some interesting articles on the art of learning music well, including:

6 Ways to Prepare for a Concert
Increase your Practice Efficiency Tenfold with a Diary
The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Child a Musician
The 5 Pillars of a Good Musician

Although a little bit short on the details, Arjun's guides are a great route for further exploration. Which leads me to my main point...

I've recently been feeling that the music blogosphere has always been a bit heavy on concert events, news, and opinions and a bit lacking in information for the practicing musician, ie. how to practice, how to learn certain skills, how to deal with performance anxiety. The resource-oriented route to music blogging is one of the more positive ways spread the message of our art, and is what will drive people to learn instruments and grow the field in the long run.

Best of luck to Arjun, whose blog earns a spot on my sidebar's blogroll.

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  1. Hi, I couldn't agree with you more. Arjun had an outstanding stint at The Good Musician, and I was just planning to write about what I considered his three most helpful posts. While linking through his posts, I read your comment and thought, "How nice, those were excellent suggestions." I know his readers will miss him, and I have begun to as well :)