Friday, January 06, 2006

More on Cultural Issues

Apparently I'm not the only one clamoring for more attention to be given to cultural issues in the upcoming election.

Our Public Airwaves is a site dedicated to quality programming on the CBC. Its vision statement asks for public broadcasting to deliver:

--excellent programming that is a true alternative to the limited offerings of commercial networks.
--programming that taps the creative energies of Canadians to provide voice for their ideas, a window on the world and a reflection of themselves, their diverse cultures and their common values, locally, regionally and nationally.
--programming that is informative, independent, universally accessible, democratic, publicly accountable and free of commercial influence.
--programming that sets the standard for quality and innovation

Its companion site, I'm Voting for a Stronger CBC, includes lists of questions to ask candidates at meetings, a petition to send to all the party leaders, facts about funding, and a list of positions by the various parties on cultural issues.

In the last few weeks before the Canadian election, one can only wait and see what the major parties produce in the way of policy announcements regarding arts and culture. If we ask questions of candidates and inform them of the need for clear positions on cultural policy, we have a much greater chance of both preserving and growing the government's support of the rich cultural life that we enjoy in Canada.

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