Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bathroom Divas Series Premiere Recap

It was quite a pleasure this evening to see the premiere of Bathroom Divas after spending so much time working with the many singers featured on the show. This week's episode followed Mary Lou Fallis, Tom Diamond, Michael McMahon, and Gary Relyea as they heard auditions in Vancouver, Regina, Toronto, and Montreal in order to narrow down the field of singers to six for next week's Opera Boot Camp.

Although I only played the Toronto auditions on the national tour, there were several familiar faces in the auditions in other cities, among them Rachel Forster (we both attended UBC in the late 80's) and Wallis Giunta (now an Artist Diploma student at the RCM) in the Montreal auditions, both of whom very nearly made the final six. As well, Ramona Barillaro, a graduate of the Vancouver Academy of Music, got a short mention in the Vancouver auditions. David Boothroyd from the Vancouver Opera played the auditions there.

Next week's episode will highlight the adventures of Sergio, Sonja, Sonja, Gail, Elton, and Emili as they arrive at Opera Boot Camp in Toronto.

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  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Good job on the blog. My pianist friend in Calgary (Ron) may contact you at some point. Nice to see Wendy and the girls!
    Dean Giustini
    blog: UBC Google scholar blog