Thursday, January 05, 2006

Short Bio

For concert presenters who need a bio of less than 150 words, here's a shortened version of my full bio:

Christopher Foley is a collaborative pianist dedicated to the fields of teaching, chamber music, art song, opera, and contemporary music. At the Eastman School of Music, he received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in 1994, majoring in Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music. He is currently teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he serves as head of the voice department in the Conservatory School. As pianist and repetiteur for Tapestry New Opera Works, he has been involved with numerous mainstage productions, as well as being on the creative team for Tapestry's unique Composer/Librettist and Director/Musical Director laboratories. He recently performed at the Eastman School of Music's Faculty Concert Series, the Women in Music Festival, the University of Western Ontario, and the Algoma Fall Festival. As author of the Collaborative Piano Blog, he writes about issues of importance to the collaborative pianist, as well as current musical events in Toronto and elsewhere. Dr. Foley also appeared as pianist and coach for the singers featured on the Bravo!Canada reality show Bathroom Divas.


Note: This bio will be constantly updated, so please check here for the latest version.
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Last revised April 2010

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