Thursday, April 05, 2018

We Are Rhythmic Beings

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Christin Coffee Rondeau writing in the Full Voice blog about why singers need to move:
1) Because music and movement are inextricably linked.  We’re all used to hearing the term “music and movement” applied to children’s music classes, so on some level, we acknowledge that movement is an important aspect of music education. Perhaps, on an intellectual level, we even think of ourselves as rhythmic beings. However, as we grow in age, we also grow in inhibitions, meaning that creative, expressive movement eventually takes a backseat to what we perceive as more sophisticated musical pursuits. In so doing, we miss the fact that movement cannot be removed from music--even sophisticated, nuanced music.
Christin's points are highly valid, and not just for singers. It's important for all musicians to realize that rhythm, more than being an intellectual concept, is something physical and tangible, and the feeling of rhythm in the body is something that unites the every genre and style of today's music in a direct line of descent to the very first music-making impulses of our early human ancestors. 


A quick tangent and shameless plug for my friends: Take a look around the Full Voice website after the link above. Hamilton-based Nikki Loney and Mim Adams are quickly growing their Full Voice series into one of the major voice methods, with a strongly growing international distribution. They also have a blog and podcast that I highly recommend. 

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