Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Brooks Smith 1989 interview in Stereophile

In 1989 legendary pianist Brooks Smith made a remarkable reference-quality recording with flutist Gary Woodward on the Stereophile label. Richard Lehnert's interview with Brooks Smith from the September 1989 issue of Stereophile is lovingly preserved on their web site. Here are some highlights:

Lehnert: What was it like to work with Heifetz?
Smith: Wonderful, but he was very demanding. He was a very good pianist, which surprised me, and was very critical of my playing, as he was of his own—as he was of everyone's.

Lehnert: How do you see your role as an accompanist, which some consider a thankless job?
Smith: I've never had anything against helping others put on a good performance, nor have I ever felt slighted in playing the role of an accompanist.
Lehnert: But surely you've been in situations where you've had to play music you don't at all like...?
Smith: Yes, that's true. But as an accompanist, it's part of your job to make it all sound good.

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