Monday, April 26, 2021

Advice from Thelonious Monk

These words of advice from Thelonious Monk are taken from a list transcribed by saxophonist Steve Lacy, dated from 1960:

  • Just because you're not a drummer doesn't mean that you don't have to keep time. 
  • A note can be as small as a pin or as big as the world, it depends on your imagination.
  • Stay in shape! Sometimes a musician waits for a gig & when it comes he's out of shape and can't make it. 
  • Always leave them wanting more.
  • Don't sound anybody for a gig, just be on the scene.
  • These pieces were written so as to have something to play & to get cats interested enough to come to rehearsal. 
  • Whatever you think can't be done, somebody will come along & do it. A genius is the one most like himself. 

You can find the entire list here.

Some Monday morning music to start off your week - Evonce from Monk's October 15, 1947 Blue Note session. Personnel are Thelonious Monk on piano, Idrees Suleiman on trumpet, Ike Quebec on alto sax, Billy Smith on tenor sax, Gene Ramey on bass, and Art Blakey on drums:

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