Saturday, August 11, 2018

Session Notes: Creative Approaches to Technology in the Teaching Studio

Greetings to all the participants from The Royal Conservatory's Summer Summit 2018 in Toronto! Thank you for coming to Creative Approaches to Technology in the Teaching Studio and below are the links that I referenced during my presentation. If you weren't able to come out to my Summer Summit presentation, stay tuned for future dates for this presentation.


- The Royal Conservatory of Music home page
- The Silicon Valley "education is broken and only technology can fix it" narrative: a view for (by Mark Zuckerberg) and against (by Valerie Strauss)

Using technology for areas of studio management which are traditionally a challenge for teachers

- Town of Oakville 2017 Annual Report (take a look at pages 17-19 for a look at suburban digital engagement)
- My Music Staff
- Music Teacher's Helper
- Squarespace
- WordPress
- Helen Hou-Sandí, lead developer at WordPress (Helen also redesigned the Collaborative Piano Blog several years ago!)
- The Collaborative Piano Blog (you're already here)
- My teaching site
- My free ebook 31 Days to Better Practicing
- Structuring your website in a way that speaks to your target market: Shannon Coates: The Vocal Instrument 101
- Setting up online registration with My Music Staff
- QuickBooks Online
- FreshBooks

Pedagogically driven use of technology

- Her Voice in Black by Carla Chambers (watch on YouTube)
- The Royal Conservatory's Digital Learning: Music History Level 9 Online
- The Royal Conservatory's music theory apps for Levels 1-4  and online courses and apps for Levels 5-8
- Piano Adventures Player by Faber Piano Adventures

Thank you for attending Creative Approaches to Technology in the Teaching Studio! I hope to present this workshop in the future, so stay tuned!

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