Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Royal College's Piano Accompaniment Programs Have Been Renamed as Collaborative Piano Programs

Starting this summer, the Royal College of Music's Piano Accompaniment Programs will be renamed as collaborative piano, the first program in Britain to use this term for a graduate program. The change to the collaborative piano nomenclature is already up on the keyboard department website.

From a recent press release on the name change:
Students on the RCM’s robust Masters in Collaborative Piano course receive two years of training, developing a broad knowledge of the instrumental duo, chamber and song repertoire as well as being introduced to the skills needed to become a r├ępetiteur, ballet pianist, continuo player, orchestral pianist or vocal coach.
Kudos go to Simon Lepper and the Royal College for making this name change. It will be interesting to see if other programs across Britain follow suit.  If you're interested in more information about the Royal College's collaborative piano programs, email Simon Lepper at simon dot lepper [at] rcm dot ac dot uk.

(Thanks Simon!)

Photo by Grace Kang on Unsplash


  1. Helmut Camillo Fischer4:02 AM

    Why not go all the way and call it "collaborative equity, diversity and inclusivity keyboard operating programme"?

    1. Helmut, the term "collaborative piano" is not an exercise in political correctness, but reflects the efforts of many musicians and writers including Hamilton Harty, Joseph Horowitz, and Samuel Sanders to address the fact that pianists who work with others should be perceived as equals.