Monday, April 23, 2018

Giving a Piano New Life

My wife Wendy Hatala Foley paints and she does it incredibly well. Over the last few months she has taken on several projects to paint old instruments which are no longer in any condition to be played, including several violins and cellos (stick around for a future post).

Several weeks back, the mother of several students that I teach asked Wendy if she might be interested in painting their old piano. All three of her kids had learned on this instrument, and although it had served them well for many years, was no longer in prime condition. Based on Wendy's experience with painting violins and cellos, she was commissioned to paint something on their piano so that it could still remain meaningful to them, although in an entirely new way.

After approximately 20 coats of acrylic, what she came up with was something genuinely unique, and will give the instrument new life for years to come.

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