Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ten Ways to Jump-start Your Professional Development

A few months ago, Gillian Cummings at the Royal Conservatory asked me to write an article on the theme of professional development for their Music Matters newsletter. I had been going through an extremely busy spell and I hadn't written much in late summer (other than several hundred examination reports for RCM Exams), so I welcomed the chance to write for Music Matters, which gets sent out to all the teachers in their examination system in Canada and the United States.

Although I had written the article for the benefit of music teachers, I was glad to hear that people in other professions have found it useful so far. I think the key to long-term professional satisfaction is to undergo a continual process of learning, enrichment, and pushing at the boundaries of how we perceive our knowledge and work.

Regarding #9, many of you have asked about how I use Evernote in my teaching process. In the next few days I'll be posting an article on precisely that, so stay tuned.

Ten Ways to Jump-start Your Professional Development (turn to page 4 in the pdf)

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