Friday, July 15, 2011

Scriabin, Arranged for Flute and Piano

Pianist Steven Aldredge's arrangements of Scriabin piano works for flute and piano feature him alongside flutist Christopher Chaffee in these recent YouTube clips. A CD release is projected for the next few months, as well as a published edition of seven flute/piano arrangements(!). Both Chris and Steven are on faculty at Wright State University.

(Interesting factlet: Back in the day, Chris and I were often mistook for each other because of our extreme height, identical first names, and near-identical hairstyles. One year at the Bowdoin Festival, we played the Poulenc flute/piano sonata - someone came up to me afterwards and complimented me on some excellent flute playing.)

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  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    how stupid. if you can't play the piano version, you don't have to do it for 2 or more instruments.