Friday, July 08, 2011

The Known Universe (Dean Burry Ad Astra remix)

Dean Burry's Ad Astra for solo harp is a gently moving work inspired by the American Museum of Natural History's The Known Universe video. A fascinating way to listen to this work is to play the AMNH video but with the soundtrack of Burry's harp work. Here's how you do it (you'll need a fast broadband connection):

1. Start the Ad Astra video (beautifully played by harpist Gina Min).
2. Start the Known Universe video.
3. Mute the sound on the Known Universe video but make sure the sound plays on the Ad Astra video.
4. Click the full-screen button at the bottom right on the Known Universe video.

What follows is an alternate soundtrack to the original video. Enjoy the journey to the limits of what we know about the universe...

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