Friday, April 01, 2011

The Top 30 Classical Music Blogs - April 2011

Wikio's listing of the top classical music blogs for April 2011 is out, and CPB falls 4 places to #16, which is understandable in the busiest month of the year. Ironically, this has been the blog's best month ever for traffic, with 9,922 onsite viewers viewing 19,182 pages and ~1300 subscribers viewing 14,396 articles via RSS feed.

I'm also glad to see some of my favorite blogs on the list, including Sandow, Adaptistration, Musical Assumptions, Chamber Music Today, Stark Raving Cello, and Africlassical.

1Clef Notes
3Opera Chic
4Opera Today
5Proper Discord
7The Opera Tattler
9Musical Assumptions
10Nico Muhly
12Michael Huebner's Blog & Column -
13Of Music and Men
14Andrew Patner: The View from Here
15Eric Edberg
16The Collaborative Piano Blog
18Summer is Coming In
19Lynn Harrell
20Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog
21A Beast in a Jungle
22Chamber Music Today
23The Classical Beat
24Likely Impossibilities
25The Stark Raving Cello Blog
26Bryan Pinkall's World of Opera
29Brian Dickie
Ranking made by Wikio

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  1. Thanks Chris, you're one of my favs too!