Monday, March 28, 2011

Live Broadcast Tuesday Afternoon with Shannon Mercer

On Tuesday the 29th at around 3:20pm EDT, I will be performing live with soprano Shannon Mercer on Classical 96.3FM in Toronto. If you're interested in hearing us but aren't in range of the FM signal, you can listen live on the internet or download the free Classical 96.3 app from the iTunes store.

The broadcast is also a promotion for an upcoming group of twenty-seven concert happening this Friday at Grace Church on the Hill, featuring Shannon performing works of Hector Berlioz and Toronto-based composer Norbert Palej, with Eric Paetkau conducting. Tickets for Friday's g27 concert are available at Eventbrite.


  1. I really admire you! I am a wannabe pianist and I want to learn a lot from you. Your an inspiration. I will definitely listen you live on internet. :)