Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Always Nice to Get a Positive Review

Those who perform a lot will know that critics can be fickle, and one needs to take the positive with the negative all in good measure. Nevertheless, Wendy was glad to see COMMANDOpera's review of Opera Lyra's Lucia di Lammermoor, which praised her in these words:
Mr. Robert Pomakov as Raimondo and Miss Wendy Hatala Foley as Alisa were sensational...Miss Hatala Foley outshone Miss Petrova vocally in any scene they were together. During the culmination of the sextet, Miss Hatala Foley was the only female vocal instrument on the stage which soared over orchestration with tremendous ease. Stunning to hear this instrument so unexpectedly excellent. COMMANDOpera marvels at the talent of BOTH of these artists who virtually managed to overshadow all three of the main characters...
Although the candour of the COMMANDOpera view could be quite harsh at times, it is rare nowadays to see such detail and care taken in reviewing an opera. If only we could see such thoroughness in the traditional press.

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