Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Top 20 Classical Music Blogs for February 2011

Image by pebbles and stones
Here are the top 20 classical music blogs for February 2011 as rated by blog-ranking service Wikio. This time around I've included each blog's byline, to give you a better idea of the flavor and niche of each one.

1. Clef Notes Classical music and theater in Baltimore
2. Nico Muhly The official website of the New York-based composer Nico Muhly
3. Intermezzo Opera and concerts in London and beyond
4. Sequenza21/ The Contemporary Classical Music Community
5. Opera Chic I'm a young American woman in Milan...and you're not. I go to La Scala a lot...and you don't.
6. The Opera Tattler Reviews of Performances and their Audiences.
7. Adaptistration Drew McManus on the orchestra business
8. Sandow Greg Sandow on the future of classical music
9. PostClassic Kyle Gann on Music After the Fact...
10. The Collaborative Piano Blog The piano in ensemble. The piano in real life.
11. ionarts Something other than politics in Washington, D.C.
12. oboeinsight reed on!
13. Opera Today
14. Michael Huebner's Blog & Column
15. Andrew Patner: The View from Here Reflections, reviews, and reports from the Chicago-based author, broadcaster, journalist, and arts critic
16. Musical Assumptions Music is a mystery for people who play it, write it, listen to it, and write about it. The only thing I can really do when I try to say something about music is assume.
17. Proper Discord Trouble With Classical Music
18. Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog Double bass news, stories, downloads, podcasts, and more!
19. The Stark Raving Cello Blog The mostly cello, sometimes raving blog of Emily Wright
20. A Beast in a Jungle Greetings from the Barbary Coast!


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