Saturday, September 04, 2010

Wikio's Top 20 Classical Music Blogs for September 2010

Back in the good old days of the classical music blogosphere, many of us engaged in blog ranking projects, most notably those by Classical Convert, Musical Perceptions, and Sounds and Fury (I also created a list of top RSS feeds). The problem with creating these sorts of lists is that 1) the compilation process was extremely labor-intensive and 2) the criteria for ranking blogs is always changing. Fortunately, social media companies such as Wikio and Invesp are more than willing to fill the void with their own blog-ranking algorithms. Earlier this week, I was contacted by Wikio, and without further ado, am pleased to announce their latest rankings of classical music blogs for September 2010:

You can view the full list of classical music blog rankings here, although the updated version won't appear for a few days. Also check out Wikio's FAQs regarding how they rank blogs.

(Thanks, Fabien!)

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