Thursday, August 12, 2010

Readers' Poll: When is your best practice time?

In a regular practice day, everyone has that über-productive time when your working process seems to come in place, you get into the zone, or merely have less distractions to deter you from relentless focus and pianistic awesomeness. When I was in graduate school at Eastman, it was always the morning, as early as possible. Afternoons work for many of us - on any given day across the planet, practice rooms are packed from noon to six for a reason. On the other hand, evenings are a quiet and peaceful time to get work done, whether you like to work North American style (practice your face off until the security guards kick you out after 11pm*). or European style (practice your face off until 10:30pm or so, then meet your friends for a nightcap and couple of smokes at the local Studentenpub).

This week's poll asks the question:

When is your best practice time?

You can find the poll near the top of the sidebar on any page of the blog or vote here. The poll will be open until Sunday at 9pm EDT.

*Then again, many of us at Eastman learned that there are places where the security guards rarely venture to go, such as the depths of the bomb shelter basement of the annex, where you could theoretically practice all night long. Once I discovered this, I could even fit in rehearsals past midnight on those extreme workaholic days. Since I've officially slipped into the years which one might call "mid-career", I have the luxury of scheduling rehearsals at more sane times of the day, rarely going past 9pm unless it's tech week.

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