Friday, August 20, 2010

Collaborative Piano Studies at the University of Cinncinnati College-Conservatory of Music

The College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cinncinnati offers a two-year Master of Music degree in Collaborative Piano. You can find information on collaborative piano majors and assistantships on Page 9 of the Application Handbook and in the Graduate Assistantship Application for Vocal and Instrumental Studio Accompanying. Professor Ken Griffiths also sent along some information about collaborative piano studies at CCM:
All CCM undergrad piano majors are required to take two years of Collab Piano classes taught by my colleague Prof Donna Loewy. For those interested/gifted pianists there is a possibility of a third-year elective (in their Senior year) where the instruction is much more one-on-one. The MM in Collab Piano has been undergoing changes and will do so again in 2012. At the end of the 2008-09 academic year we officially did away with the previously required choice of either Instrumental or Vocal track programs.

So currently all MM pianists must pursue the same degree requirements. In addition to the standard MM academic classes our Collab Piano majors are required to take piano lessons with a member of the Piano Faculty for four quarters, take three languages, take vocal seminars with me, instrumental rep seminars with Prof Sandra Rivers, play four degree recitals in two years. On at least one of these recitals the pianist must include rep for different kinds of ensembles (vocal,instrumental sonatas or chamber works, two-piano works, etc). At the end of the second year each major must pass a 30-minute orals exam before the combined Collab Piano faculty.

CCM is currently preparing to move on to the Semester system – as will the entire University of Cincinnati – in the fall of 2012. This preparation included an entire review of the MM program and there have been some major changes made.

Grad vocal diction classes will be required of all majors, language studies regrettably become elective choices rather than required, three recitals required in semesters 2,3,4 of the two-year program. In addition, majors will be required to take an Arts Administration course “Managing your own professional career”.
CCM's collaborative piano program has been around since 1970, and its graduates have a long track record of success in the profession. For more information, fill out the CCM information request form.

Complete list of Degree and Diploma Programs in Collaborative Piano

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