Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Readers' Poll: Who is Your Favorite French Composer?

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes from Pierre Bernac's The Interpretation of French Song:
The mixture of harmonic sensuousness and clarity of thought explains why French music so well conveys precise and colourful description, or the suggestion of a poetic climate. The composer Henry Barraud writes: "A French musician knows that one does not reach poetical achievement, the one aim of all aesthetic creation, merely through verbalism and self-exhibition. Other quicker, surer roads are to be found, and there is nothing like the unexpressed, to make the inexpressible understood."
Who is your favorite French composer?

Answer the question on the latest CPB poll, which can be found on the right-hand sidebar of any blog page for the next few days. Those of you reading on email or via RSS reader can vote here.

Voting closes at 9pm on Sunday night, after which the winning composer will be crowned.

Update 8/2:

The poll is finished and here are the results:

Claude Debussy (23 votes)
Maurice Ravel (18 votes)
Francis Poulenc (14 votes)
Other (6 votes)
Eric Satie (5 votes)
Henrie Duparc (4 votes)
Hector Berlioz (4 votes)
Gabriel Fauré (3 votes)
Camille Saint-Saëns (3 votes)
Georges Bizet (1 vote)
Reynaldo Hahn (1 vote)

Too bad about Fauré. Maybe next time.

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  1. Too bad about Faure?! What about Couperin, Rameau, Lully?