Thursday, May 13, 2010

Collaborators in Life and Music

From Peabody vocal coach Bob Muckenfuss’ lovely appreciation of the work/life relationship he enjoys with partner Steven Rainbolt:

Collaborating as performers has been a wonderful and rewarding part of our family life. It is certainly convenient that I have a ‘live-in’ baritone with a beautiful voice, and he has a ‘built-in’ coach and accompanist. But this has never meant that we agree on all aspects of interpretation. In fact, it is more of a challenge to disagree and come to a musical compromise, because at the end of the rehearsal, you go home together. We have often had differing views on matters, but over the years, we have managed to work through these issues and find solutions that allow us to collaborate even more successfully than ever. When it comes to student problems and job-related issues, we often agree. But when we do not, we have developed ways to make it work even if we disagree.

Read the full article on Operagasm: Collaborating in Life and Music.

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