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Call for Pianists: International Opera Theater in Citta' della Pieve, Italy

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The International Opera Theater in Citta' della Pieve is looking for a collaborative pianist to play rehearsals and performances with orchestra this August for the world premiere of Efrain Amaya's La Bisbetica Domata. IOT is a leader in producing new Italian operatic works, and La Besbetica Domata will be the 7th new opera in 7 years that they have premiered. IOT Artistic Director Karen Saillant had some time on Facebook a few days ago to send me some more information about the position and what it entails. Here is what she wrote:
Where You Would Perform
We perform in Umbria Italy. Citta' della Pieve, Italy is a gorgeous walled town, birthplace of the teacher of Rafael, Pietro Perugino, and high on a hill over looking the Valdichiana Valley right between Rome and Florence.

When You Would Begin
Rehearsals begin August 1. Performances are on August 24, 25, 26 2010. The pianist should arrive no later than the day prior to the first rehearsal. There will be 2 pianists who will alternate playing staging and musical rehearsals. Pianists will also alternate playing with the orchestra for the performances..

What You Would be Paid
We offer 300 euro, plus housing in a dormitory type setting. There is a communal kitchen in which to prepare and eat meals. It is not expensive to purchase food at the supermarket in the town. in Citta' della Pieve.

What Your Costs Would Be
The pianist is responsible for his/her own transportation, including plane fare. The pianist is responsible for his/her own meals. Pianist would fly into Fiumicino Airport in Rome and from there take a train to Chiusi and then a 10 minute bus ride to Citta' della Pieve.

Spare Time
There is a 10 day Renaissance Festival that begins on August 13. Everyone becomes very close during this process. They usually spend time eating together, sitting in the piazza, attending all of the festivities for Palio and dancing at night in La Pista, the place where all the young people in the town gather to talk and enjoy music.There are usually at least 2 day trips organized by the project participants to Florence and Siena or another exciting nearby town.

During Palio, visitors come to Citta' della Pieve from all over Europe to see the historical reenactments as well as the authentic celebrations. The final Palio competition, which includes more than 500 townsfolk dressed in authentic Renaissance costumes, with oxen drawn carts, flag throwers, drummers and horn players, has a giant flour fight which is always a big hit with our cast and crew, as well as a major archery competition between the three neighborhoods of the town. This is followed by a rousing celebration in the winning tavern, usually attended by everyone in our company.

Where You Would Rehearse
Citta della Pieve is a walled medieval town. The Renaissance church and the theater where rehearsals take place are both within easy walking distance from anywhere in the town.

Where You Should Email
info [at] internationaloperatheater dot org

What You Should Include in Your Email
Please include 2 MP3 samples of contrasting pieces, preferably of yourself accompanying a singer. Include your CV and a brief description as to why you would like to be part of our project and what you feel you would bring to our project.

To give you an idea of IOT's previous work, online video clips are available of Jago and Romeo e Giulietta.

(Thanks, Karen!)

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