Tuesday, April 07, 2009

IPA Humor

Here's some geeky IPA humor that discerning vocal coaches should appreciate--the Speculative Grammarian's latest issue features an article on Guidelines for the Behavior of Graduate Students of Phonetics. Here are a few excerpts:
5. There is absolutely no mystical significance to the fact that the IPA symbol for a voiced palatal implosive slightly resembles the helix symbol from the TV show Heroes.
6. Students are not allowed to erase everything on the vowel chart besides /a, e, i, o, and u/ and insist that the TA “teach the controversy.”
7. Students are not allowed to turn in papers written entirely in IPA.
(Via John Wells and Craig Tompkins)

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  1. Can you IMAGINE writing a whole paper in IPA??? I almost want to try...but alas, have a life (sort of) :-)