Saturday, April 04, 2009

Free Sheet Music Download for Isaac Shepard's Gentle

If you happened to play Music Catch 2 embedded in a posting from a few days back, you might have noticed Gentle, a particularly moving piano piece found in the second level of the game. Isaac Sheperd, who created the game, also wrote and played the piano music for it, which you can find on his Deep Joy CD. From his blog posting of March 28, Isaac has also released the sheet music for Gentle, available as a free pdf download. It doesn't look too difficult, as long as you're okay with G flat major and observe the registration markings above or below some of the treble clefs. Enjoy!

Update: I just spent some time with the piece in the studio and it reads very well. One important thing to watch is that there are not just two but four clefs in the score: treble, treble 8va sopra, treble 8va basso, and bass clefs. The transitions between them are clearly marked but require a careful eye for detail. A huge thanks to Isaac Shepard for making the score of this piece available.

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