Monday, February 16, 2009

YouTube Symphony Piano Audition Videos Part 2

Voting is underway at the YouTube Symphony Orchestra page and runs until February 22nd, after which the winners will be announced on March 2.  Just click on the "Vote" dialog button when you get to the main page, select the instrument you would like to vote on, then go to the videos and vote thumbs up or down. What I find odd is that for the instruments I checked, there were only a handful of available videos. Is Google randomizing the test groups so that only a handful of videos show up for each individual user? Or have these videos already passed a pre-screening process?

Below are three Waldsteins that I came across on the voting page.


Harvest Zhang:

Yes, all you Eastman aficionados, Harvest was playing in Howard Hanson Hall.

Tino Balsamello:

Previously on the Collaborative Piano Blog:

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