Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Staying Organized On The Go - At No Cost

This is the time of year when pianists are playing hours a day and often living out of binders with the photocopies that they play from in rehearsals and lessons. Staying organized is often a huge chore. Why not put your schedule right in your binder?

The D*I*Y Planner is an ingenious system of planner kits (free under Creative Commons License) that you can print out in the page format of your choice in order to build your own time and project management system. Its latest offering, the D*I*Y Planner 3.0, consists of pdf files containing dozens of page templates in both letter and legal sizes, including core package, calendar, creativity, notes, and GTD overview files to choose from. Just print the pages you need, three-hole-punch them, stick them in your binder (either in front of the music or at the back), and you've just created a free and powerful productivity suite that you can keep with you as you spend those long hours at the piano.

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