Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Since the beginning of last week, I've been giving piano exams in Mississauga for RCM Examinations. So far, I estimate I've heard around 140 pianists of all ages and ability levels doing their repertoire, studies, technique, ear tests, and sight reading for graded RCM exams. Many colleagues find this type of work a strain. On the contrary, I love examining and find it amazingly refreshing as a performer and teacher to see such a huge volume of pianists show different facets of their musical personalities. As a teacher, it certainly puts things into perspective when you grade not one but hundreds of pianists in a session. In the coming weeks I'll be able to put things more in perspective as I get back to my regular teaching routine. Until then, I have three more days of 20+ pianists to hear per day. Wish me luck--and may my left shoulder survive the strain of writing examination reports for over 6 hours a day!

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Hey Chris,

    if you can, not breaking your NDA, it would be very interesting to read about your observations and conclusions of the examinations.

    I remember my last (and only) examination (Grade 8) and how I found it extremely frustrating that I had no indicator whatsoever for my performance (it turned out to be a mid-80). And I was stunned when I read in the report that I am hard-working - how can one derive that from one examination?

    Best wishes for your shoulder!