Monday, January 12, 2009

Canada's National Ballet School Offers Dance Accompanist Mentoring Program Jan. 26-30 and Feb. 2-6

This looks like a fascinating program--in the next few weeks, Canada's National Ballet School in Toronto will be putting on two five-day mentoring programs for dance accompanists where they can learn the art from CNBS principal pianist Marina Surgan and her colleagues on the musical staff. The programs run from January 26-30 and February 2-6 for $400CDN per session.  About the program:
The Musicians' Mentoring Program is a five-day intensive program designed to hone the musician's skills as a dance accompanist. It is offered each year in late January and early February, though in special circumstances, alternative dates can be arranged. Participants may choose a Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday block.

Musicians will experience a variety of dance classes, including professional, recreational and adult ballet, modern/contemporary and creative dance. The flexible program is designed to meet the needs of every pianist, from the emerging musician to those with considerable experience. Areas of specific interest to individual participants can be highlighted. Each day will include a mix of observation and hands-on participation, plus a one-hour discussion with our musicians. All participants will have a final review session with Marina Surgan, Principal Pianist. For eligible participants there is also the opportunity to play for a class alongside the NBS mentoring musician.
For more information, call 1-800-387-0785 or send an email to registrar [at] nbs-enb dot ca.

Best of luck to all the pianists about to embark upon this specialized and fascinating corner of the piano world!

(Thanks, Becky!)

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