Monday, December 01, 2008

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra

Google, the London Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, Michael Tilson Thomas, and Lang Lang have just launched a major collaborative initiative entitled the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, where musicians across the globe can compete by uploading videos of themselves playing the parts of a newly commissioned work by Tan Dun for inclusion in a mashup video of the work, as well as traditional excerpts for entrants to be accepted into an upcoming concert in Carnegie Hall (tentatively scheduled for April 2009). Check out today's New York Times article for more information, as well as the YouTube Symphony Orchestra page and the official rules.

Here is the London Symphony Orchestra playing Tan Dun's Internet Symphony No. 1 "Eroica":

Even though the piano part for the Symphony doesn't yet appear to be available on the site and I can't find the official list of prepared works for the talent competition anywhere, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra looks like it will be a fascinating opportunity for many people and be sure to check back for updates.


  1. Will the piano part be posted soon?

  2. I certainly hope so, if in fact there is one.