Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Updating the Classical Music Blogs Pagecast: Hive Call For More Listings

Just over a year ago, I gave myself the onerous task of mapping the entire classical music blogosphere. By starting The Classical Music Blogs Pagecast on the start page service Pageflakes, I was able to create a bookmark widget containing listings of all that I could find in the niche, as well as put up feed widgets for selected classical music blogs. It was also fortuitous that Pageflakes decided to use the pagecast as one of their default Entertainment pages a few weeks later.

Well, a year has passed and the classical music blogosphere has become bigger. Way bigger. The time has come to update the blogs on the list. I'm already indebted to Bob Shingleton of On an Overgrown Path for the work he has done finding and linking to the newest blogs on the block. However, the list of blogs on the list (259 and counting) is still by no means anywhere near being complete, which is why I need your help to identify them and leave a comment below with urls so they can be added to the list. There's also a comment widget on the pagecast itself. So go to the pagecast, visit the many diverse blogs about classical music, and drop me a line when you discover more!

Visit the Classical Music Blogs Pagecast

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  1. Oh my god...what is a FLAKE? I can't keep up...i'm sure my 4 year old knows...

    Thanks for listing mine...