Thursday, October 02, 2008

Quote of the Day and Some Unexpected Search Results

Sometimes when you Google a question, you don't get the answer you were looking for, but uncover all sorts of peripherally related tidbits instead. With my handy Sitemeter stats, I can keep an eye on the keywords that incoming search engine traffic sends to the CPB. From a recent search on Google:
Why doesn't the Rehearsal Accompanist learn the score?
It would appear that someone in the southern US is a little frustrated...

Here are some of the search results:
The unfortunate searcher would not have found an answer to their exasperated question with the above results, but my goodness, what a fascinating group of articles were unearthed in the process.

Nevertheless, the question remains--why doesn't the rehearsal pianist learn the score?

Here are a few possible answers:
  • loosening the manacles chaining the pianist to the legs of the instrument may help with their pedaling.
  • a pay rate in the high-mid rather than low two figures per service may help create a more positive attitude from the pianist, in spite of a slightly lower margin for management.
  • providing the pianist with an original score rather than a fifth-generation photocopy is preferable for both copyright and note-reading purposes.
  • putting the pianists' name in the program is not only professional, but will cause the pianist to feel that their contribution to the group is actually making a difference and cause them to play and prepare with more of a sense of engagement and purpose. Ditto on the photo and bio.
Your answers are welcome too...

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