Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Toronto Arts Council and Luminato to Launch Incubate Today

According to today's Globe and Mail, the Toronto Arts Council and Luminato have just come to an agreement to begin a one-year pilot project called Incubate to foster new musical work, with an emphasis on risk-taking and innovation. An excerpt from James Bradshaw's article:
The two sides have committed to a one-year pilot with $100,000 in funding: $50,000 from Luminato, $25,000 from the TAC and another $25,000 to be raised by the TAC Foundation. Though this year's money will go exclusively to Toronto artists working in the broad category of musical arts - chosen as the test genre because the TAC considers it one of its strengths - both parties hope to expand to other areas, including dance and theatre, or possibly to cycle through them annually.
Kudos to both the TAC and Luminato for negotiating this venture, especially coming as it does at a potentially difficult time for arts groups in Canada if the Conservatives win a majority and decide to cut arts funding.

The official announcement is scheduled for this morning at the Gladstone Hotel.

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